Leather Care Tips


Some consider leather to be bullet proof and able to maintain itself, the truth is no leather is maintenance free but it can be low maintenance if you buy correctly and care for it on a regular basis. Before your purchase consider the points below and make a decision based on the answers you arrive at.

cleaning clothCleaning & Protecting

The diagram below demonstrates the importance of cleaning your leather on a regular basis and what may happen if you decide not to.

leather layers

Key: Dirt Finish Pigment Hide

Fig 1 is showing a cross section through a clean piece of red pigmented leather.
Fig 2 is the same leather with a degree of dirt sitting on top of the finish, this is the optimum time for cleaning.
By not cleaning at Fig 2 the dirt is drawn deeper into the leather as shown in Fig 3.
Fig 4 may be the point of no return, the dirt has been absorbed and even a professional clean may not remove it all.

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